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A television commercial is a reliable way to get your business noticed. Whether you are sharing news about a special promotion or simply letting the audience know you exist, tv advertising helps make a strong connection. Mirage Productions is a professional TV commercial production company that knows the best techniques to make an impactful statement with your next ad.

Poor Video Production Values Will Distract From Your Message

If you sit through enough commercial breaks, you know that a TV advertisement must captivate its audience. Any time you put your business in the public eye, you want it to look its best. An amateur production with poor video quality, stilted language, and awkward editing reflects poorly on the business it represents.

When you work with a professional TV advertising production team, you will get the best final result for your commercial. At Mirage Productions, we have the tools, talent, and experience to turn your advertising vision into an engaging video. Having created both regional and national commercials, we know what works and how to get the shots you need for an effective advertisement.

From start to finish, we will help you through the production process. Our team can assist you with scriptwriting and provide final editing services to keep your commercial at an appropriate length. Our goal is to create a commercial that fully represents your brand while staying in your budget.

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A Few Things We Consider When Making a Commercial

The average commercial length is only 30 seconds. It takes careful preparation to craft a memorable message in this short time. Some of the ideas you will want to consider include:


You want the average consumer to understand your message in a single viewing. Keeping the script simple and clear helps this effort.

Show Don’t Tell

Sometimes, images are the most effective way to make your point. We can create shots that will draw viewers into the action.


Using licensed music can help you connect with your audience, but it may raise the production cost. Mirage Productions has a large royalty-free music library that provides an effective soundtrack while staying on budget.


We have both 4K and HD cameras to provide high-quality video for your project. We also use the latest in audio equipment for a clear sound.


An outdoor shoot can provide an exciting setting, but it is also weather dependent. Our team can handle both indoor and outdoor locations.

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Mirage Productions has worked with many clients to meet their video needs. If you want to see several samples of our work, check out our Vimeo page.

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Client-Centered TV Commercial Production

When you decide to use commercials in your marketing campaign, you need a production partner with a record of strong results. Mirage Productions will help you make a commercial that clearly shares your message and engages your audience. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Questions About Television Commercial Production?

Below Are Some Common Questions about TV Commercial Production

Although your commercial is only a few seconds, a great deal of work goes into the process. We begin with the pre-production planning phase where we prepare the script and plan the shots. Then, we enter production where we bring in actors and record the footage. Finally, in post-production, we add graphics, music, and video effects, and edit the content for length.

The final cost of your TV ad production project will depend on several factors. The length of the commercial, the number of actors, and the amount of post-production work will all affect the price. We can provide a better estimate after we learn your vision at your initial consultation.

Most television commercials are about 30 seconds long, though web-based advertising has created a demand for shorter ads. Longer commercials need to be especially engaging to keep the audience from tuning out. Keep in mind that your marketing costs will increase as you purchase more advertising time.

Many small business owners like to have actual employees in their commercials. This tactic can help make connections when people come to your location and gives your commercial a family feel. However, trained actors are more comfortable in front of the camera and provide a more natural reading of the script.

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Our Professional Videography Services

From storyboarding to post-production editing, Mirage Productions handles the whole videography process. Our goal is to create the best possible video while meeting your project budget.

Promotional Videos

Short promotional videos are a great way to introduce people to your business on your website and social media platforms. We will produce videos that put you in the best possible light.

Instructional Videos

Teaching videos should be engaging, sharing information with a combination of sight and sound. We produce instructional videos for both classrooms and business settings.

Music Videos

A music video can turn your latest song into a viral sensation. Our team works with musicians to imagine and produce videos that will enhance the music and expand your audience.