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Educational and Training Videos for Any Setting

Whether it’s a classroom full of students or a conference room with your new employees, passing information effectively requires an engaging format. Educational videos are a smart resource for teaching lessons, onboarding, or sharing SOPs. With instructional video production from Mirage Productions, you will have a teaching tool that improves comprehension and retention.

A Well-Made Video Is a Powerful Teaching Tool

It is difficult to keep a classroom attentive during a lecture or seminar. Business professionals often tune out as soon as they see the first PowerPoint slide. Both adults and children can struggle to pay attention if the information is not presented in a meaningful way.

If there is no retention after the presentation, the whole effort becomes a waste of time. You will lose even more time if you must re-explain the material down the line when a student or employee gets stuck. An instructional video can do a better job of sharing information and is easily accessible for review.

At Mirage Productions, we are a teaching video company that knows how to make instructional and training videos that get to the point. Our resources will help you teach lessons, clarify operating procedures, and demonstrate new product features. When you need an effective tool to share information, our videos will get the job done.

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Applications for Instructional Videos

There are many places where schools and businesses can use advanced teaching tools. You will be surprised at the number of possible applications for an instructional video.

Classroom Lessons

Educational videos are helpful resources in both public and home school settings. The combination of graphics, music, and video will keep your students’ attention.

Corporate Training Videos

When businesses update software or train new skills, videos come in handy as a teaching tool.

Onboarding Videos

New employees need resources to help them retain information about policies and procedures.

Video FAQs

Handling frequently asked questions via video makes it easier to resolve common product issues.

Product Demonstrations

An instructional video about a new product is a helpful resource for your sales staff and customers.

SOP Updates

If you are updating your standard operating procedures, an uploaded video will share the information with your whole staff at the same time.

Educate Yourself About Our Work!

The Mirage Productions Vimeo page has examples of many of the projects we have worked on for previous clients. Once you watch, you will understand why we are the top choice for teaching video production.

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Instructional Video Production from Mirage Productions

Effective education is a critical task in an organization. With our client-centered approach to instructional video production, you will have potent tools to inform your audience. To learn more, reach out for a free consultation.

Questions About Instructional Video Production?

Below Are Some Common Questions about Educational Video Production

Video is an ideal medium to use as a teaching tool. You can present information in a clear, logical way, making it easier to retain. A well-planned video will also present information in several formats to make it more accessible to different learning styles.

Instructional videos start with the preproduction planning phase where you will determine the content and layout for the video. Then, you will work with the production team to create the footage you need. In the final editing stage, we add music, graphics, and other effects to the video.

As with any video production project, the scope of the project will determine the costs. A larger cast or a heavy reliance on post-production effects will increase your budget. We can provide a better estimate after an initial consultation.

A professional education video production team will make a huge difference in the quality of your final project. We have tools and experience that will streamline the production process. Additionally, our expertise lets us create content that captures your unique vision.

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From storyboarding to post-production editing, Mirage Productions handles the whole videography process. Our goal is to create the best possible video while meeting your project budget.

Promotional Videos

Video is the ideal tool for promoting your business or organization. Short videos can serve as a creative introduction to your mission, products, and services.


A professionally produced commercial goes a long way in lead generation for businesses of all sizes. We will help create a high-quality product that genuinely reflects your vision. 

Music Videos

Music videos have been helping musicians connect with fans for decades. Our team will develop a project that complements your music and will get your band noticed.