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A well-crafted promo video will engage your potential clients. Sharing your mission and story through video makes an emotional connection while advancing your business. Working with Mirage Productions for your promotional video production needs will result in a well-edited, captivating video that represents your brand.

Promotional Videos for Your Business Share the Real You!

Creating engaging promotional materials is a difficult task. Most people who view your landing page will only look for a few seconds if nothing holds their attention. They don’t have the patience to read through long paragraphs of text that share your message. When you want to make an impact, video is the right choice.

A short video business card will do more than share your basic details. By combining images and sound, you engage the senses, making your information more memorable. At the same time, you are creating a critical impression of the culture and atmosphere of your business.

Mirage Productions is a promotional video production company that understands how professional videography creates a positive impression. We edit your promo videos to give your potential clients a helpful glimpse into the life of your business. This initial connection is invaluable in developing new leads.

Behind the scenes of a promotional video production

The Many Uses of Promotional Videos for Small Businesses

Promotional videos are effective tools with broad applications for your marketing strategy. They present information in a way that makes a stronger connection with your clients.

Video Business Cards

A short video introduction to your business is a great way to make a first impression.

New Product Demos

Clients can see how new products and services will benefit them in the real world.

Special Event Updates

Let your clients see how your business is thriving. Sharing news about upcoming events shows that you are active and attentive.

Team Member Introductions

When you bring in a new staff member, a video biography helps clients feel like they are part of your family.

Social Media Engagement

Regular video posts on social media keep loyal clients connected to your organization.

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Want to see the difference a professional promo video editor can make? Check out the Mirage Productions Vimeo page to see examples of our past productions.

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Expert Promotional Video Production

Mirage Productions specializes in producing powerful, engaging promotional videos for businesses. Our team will help you connect with potential clients in ways that truly represent your brand. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Questions About Promotional Video Production?

Below Are Some Common Questions about Advertising Video Production

With a little practice, you probably could make a video on your own. However, most people can spot the difference between an amateur and professional production. At Mirage Productions, we have the resources and experience to produce a promo video that will appeal to and connect with your viewers.

The cost of video production always depends on the size and scope of the project. In general, the price will increase with the length of the video. The amount of post-production editing and effects will also impact the cost. We can give you a better estimate after your free consultation.

The frequency of video posting depends on how you are engaging your customers. A video business card may be relevant for a few years unless there are changes in your organization. Some businesses create and post new content every month if they are focused on social media marketing.

Promotional videos for small businesses should include anything you want your customers to remember including contact information, logos, operating hours, special events, new products, and new services. A promo video presents the news your customers need to hear in a memorable way.

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Our Other Video Services

Enhance your brand’s presence through our professionally crafted business commercials, foster learning and comprehension with our well-structured instructional videos, and forge a strong connection between musicians and their audience via our artistically compelling music videos.


Our experience with creating business commercials lets us develop a superior product that shares your message in an engaging way.

Instructional Videos

Our team creates resources that are fit for the classroom or an organizational onboarding session. Our videos present information with clarity and style.

Music Videos

Music videos are excellent tools for connecting musicians and their fans. Our team will create a video with high production values that is true to your vision.